Grow Your Small Business with a Big Business NYC Office Address

  • By Virtual NYC Office
  • 05 May, 2017

A NYC virtual office not only costs much less than traditional office space, but you’ll have the prestige of a city business address and added credibility for your clients.

NYC Virtual Office
Midtown Manhattan, New York City
You’re second guessing your entire decision to start a small business because overhead costs are killing you. You would love to have office space in the city, but the rents are out of reach. We understand that anxiety and we have a solution you can easily afford. A virtual office in New York City not only costs much less than traditional office space, but you’ll have the prestige of a city office business address and added credibility for your clients. Technology has many of us working from home, but your business doesn’t need to look like it’s being run from your living room or kitchen table.

We know you want your company to have a professional image with all the aspects of a larger business. A NYC virtual office provides several benefits like mail receiving and mail forwarding, hourly meeting room rental facilities and shared office space if you want to partner with someone else on the cost. You’ll have the convenience of using your virtual office however it works best for your business, and we’re here to accommodate those needs. We have a range of options to fit any size budget, so let us help you find the best fit.

Our mail forwarding service allows your business to have a prestigious New York City office address where you can exchange documents and packages with clients. It’s a virtual office address you can use on your letterhead, invoices, or any other documentation related to your company. If you know another small business owner looking for office space, you can have a shared office and split the cost, making it more affordable for both of you. Renting a traditional office requires you to pay all sorts of overhead costs like utilities, supplies and additional personnel. We can help you streamline your budget by giving you only what you need to run a successful company.

There are times when you’ll want to meet your clients in person, and that’s possible with a virtual office. Meet one on one in your office space, or use one of our meeting rooms to plug in your laptop and give a presentation to a larger group. Your clients will be impressed with the professional image of your business, and you’ll be more relaxed knowing your overhead is at a minimum. When you’re less anxious about your company’s costs, you’ll be able to devote more attention to growing your business.

We know how important it is for your business to succeed, and we believe all small companies should have a chance to grow. Choose a NYC virtual office , and see just how convenient and affordable it is to leave the office details to us. Work in your office every day, once a week or once a month. No matter how you decide to utilize your space, we will help you focus on the things that matter.

NYC virtual office with mail forwarding
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NYC virtual office, Midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue.

Use our Midtown, Fifth Avenue office as your own! Create a New York City presence for your company, instantly.

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