Downfalls of Co-Working Spaces

  • By Virtual NYC Office
  • 08 Sep, 2017

A Virtual Office With Meeting Rooms May Be a Better Solution

Coworking Chaos
When you need a space to complete work-related tasks or meet with clients, you may immediately turn to a co-working space. In fact, the better answer is to seek the services of a virtual office or a private office .

Think about your ideal environment for getting work done. While it might involve your favorite tunes playing quietly on the computer or a break to watch some funny videos online, it likely does not include other people talking loudly in the background or clattering around the office. A virtual office with private office space helps you to avoid those issues.

If you find yourself in a co-working space, you may begin to feel as though you're at a networking event. Instead of allowing you to complete your work, other individuals may try to sell you on their services or products, which is a problem that does not happen in a virtual office .

Lack of Privacy
Even when you aren't working with top-secret details, some of your clients' information or projects may be private. You may fear that someone in a co-working space will steal your artistic visions or latest products. A private office allows you to work on your tasks without these concerns looming over you.

Client Meetings
Whether you opt for a virtual office or a meeting room rental for larger gatherings, these choices are better for consultations with clients. A co-working space may simply not have the room for you to meet with your clients. Also, they may not want to discuss their situations in front of other people; this scenario could come across as unprofessional.

With the chaos of a co-working space, you may lack the concentration to perform the necessary tasks or to get your work done on time. A private meeting room rental or an office is a necessity for many individuals who want to focus.

When you go to find out the price of a co-working space, you may be shocked at what you discover. Instead of paying a low fee to use the room on an as-needed basis, you may learn that you have to pay hundreds of dollars per month.

Co-working spaces do allow you to complete tasks when you don't have another place to go. However, they have many downfalls, especially when considered in comparison to a virtual office with private office space or a private meeting room rental , both of which can better suit your needs.
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