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  • By Virtual NYC Office
  • 03 Aug, 2017

Are you starting a law practice in New York? Go Virtual!

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New York Virtual Law Office (VLO)
Are you starting a law practice ("VLO")? While setting up a physical address may be one of your priorities, a virtual office with mail receiving and mail forwarding with a real and prestigious physical business office address  would be a great alternative. Virtual offices offer the usual office services and the necessary equipment without a fixed office space or expense.

Here are the benefits of virtual offices for lawyers and solo practitioners:

1. Cost Effective

Perfect for people starting on careers, virtual offices will save you a good amount. You do not have to worry about high overhead costs from securing mortgages or paying lease premiums for a private working location. With virtual offices, payment terms are less stringent since you can pay month-to-month rental fees.

Another great saving strategy is that you can utilize and pay for what you need. Example, you can pay for meeting spaces only when you hold meetings. This benefit makes such offices attractive to small law firms or solo lawyers.

2. Ease of Access

Some organizations have virtual offices in different locations. If you sign a rental agreement with such a company, you can meet your clients in other areas. Some companies have international locations making it helpful when you have to travel for work and need access to office space. Being able to work from multiple locations enhances your service delivery, client relations, and work productivity.

3. Portray a Professional Image

Clients' impressions are important, especially in the legal world. You ought to ensure your customers are comfortable meeting you in a professional space or meeting room. Also, having a commercial address can boost your professional image considering most virtual offices are located in upscale environments.

4. Work Flow Management

An attorney may need to handle multiple tasks with short deadlines as part of the work. Virtual offices offer traditional office services such as mail forwarding, guests' reception, answering phone calls and copy services. You can purchase a service either on a monthly basis or per-task basis. Example, if you only require mail forwarding services, you can buy that as a single service from your provider. Therefore, your monthly subscription fees determine the services you get from the office.

5. Create Connections

Operating as a solo practitioner can feel quite isolating especially if you just started on your career. Virtual offices are great locations to meet fellow attorneys, other legal professionals or clients. Therefore, this can help you grow your business by creating work relationships and interacting with different legal personnel.


If you are planning on practicing law in NY without an office,  a  virtual office , especially one that satisfies New York Judiciary Law § 470, offers a great alternative to the traditional office space while providing the benefits of the latter. As an attorney, you can easily manage your work load, meet clients and foster your business growth by utilizing services from virtual offices. More to this, such offices are cost effective, easy to access and offer a platform to enhance an impressive professional image.
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